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It's the year 1911. It's just you, the mob, and your beloved Model T. Sadly, your Model T has seen better days. It'll clunk out and run out of power while you're driving, and the only way to get power back is to get out and crank it. Sadly, there's a bunch of wise guys looking to rearrange your face with their tires. So wise up, don't let that happen, and stop the mob once and for-all!

Gameplay Basics:
 + WASD - walk / drive | Space - Exit/Enter Car (at door) | ESC - Main Menu
 + To regain engine power, get out and stand in front of the car (orange box) to crank the engine.
 + Walk to the red phone booths to start a mission, complete them all to win the game!

See the in-game help menu for more info.

Sorry for any bugs, I barely finished on time! Thanks for playing.


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Download 74 MB

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