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You always knew the History Channel would never lie to you, Ancient Aliens™ are real! With your advanced knowledge from late night binge watching, only you have the power to stop them destroying our home world,
Planet Not Earth™. You enter your trusty spaceship made out of your favored soft-drink™, and head into the atmosphere.
The only way to stop them, is to save the planet's bunnies™ by surviving 28 days, for some reason ... ™.

 Check the Help menu in game for the gameplay basics. Here's some extra:
     Windmills can be placed on water, and still generate power at night in a reduced rate (no solar winds)
     + There's less daylight at the poles, so think twice before putting a solar panel there. (No Axial tilt)


Here are the small changes in the webgl/bugfix version.
    Fixed Houses Generating money instead of costing it(oops).
    Fixed Bunnies counting multiple times on death.
    Added extra tips in the help menu.
You can still play the original dare version if you download version v2.


LDPerigee-v3-windows-bugfix.zip 15 MB
LDPerigee-v2-windows.zip 15 MB
LD40-Perigee-Source-v3-bugfix.zip 79 MB
LD40-Perigee-Source-v2.zip 13 MB

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